Colonial Press

Colonial Baptist Church operates the printing ministry known as Colonial Press. The purpose of the ministry is to provide Gospel literature and scripture portions, free of charge, to missionaries, national pastors, and other servants of the Lord worldwide. 
In 1993, Colonial Press was birthed in the heart of Pastor Ed Leake. When he saw the need for Scriptures and sound doctrinal materials around the world, he led Colonial Baptist Church to begin the printing ministry which is a vital part of the missions program of the church. It is supported by Colonial Baptist Church and those who will co-labor with us prayerfully and financially. The print shop is staffed with full-time 
pressmen and church volunteers.

Our Plan
The plan of Colonial Press is to take the Gospel to the world by way of the printed page. We supply materials to God’s men who are planting churches, pastoring or passing out materials, so that they will have the tools needed to reach the lost wherever they are laboring. All materials are free of charge, as the Lord provides.

Our Partners 
Since Colonial Pr
ess operates as a faith ministry, it is dependent on the Lord as He supplies. Financial support consists of giving by members of Colonial Baptist Church, as well as regular monthly gifts from other churches and individuals, and special offerings. Colonial Baptist Church is grateful for those who share our burden and help meet the need of paper to keep the presses running. Perhaps you would pray and ask the Lord how He might use you to financially support this ministry that is taking the Gospel on printed page to those who might otherwise never be exposed to it. The rewards are eternal.

Our Prayer 
Our prayer is that we could do more to reach the areas of the world that are without the Gospel in printed form.
To date we have printed in 26 languages. As additional materials are faithfully translated, we will expand our areas of outreach. Millions of people still have never heard or read in their own language about the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a great opportunity to meet this need before it is too late. Will you help and pray?


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